Congratulations to the 2016 Winners of the Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition’s Breastfeeding Friendly Award!

January 8, 2017

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Since 2010, the CABC has been honoring area Physicians and Nurse-Practitioners with its Baby Friendly Practitioner Awards in order to bring recognition to their outstanding breastfeeding support. Winners are nominated by the families they serve or by other health-care providers. Receiving this award gives a wider audience to the contributions of these providers in the promotion of breastfeeding as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for babies and mothers and speaks highly to their dedication to the health of families across the Chicago area. Awards are presented at our annual dinner seminar for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. We also acknowledge the contributions of the nominees for this coveted award for their ongoing efforts to support breastfeeding in the Greater Chicagoland Community.

CABC 2016 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Winners

        • Dr. Deborah A. Boyle — Downers Grove
        • Dr. Tamajah Gibson — Melrose Park
        • Dr. Shelly Mann — Grayslake
        • Dr. Joyce Turley — Waukegan
        • Dr. William White — Franklin Park


CABC 2016 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Nominees

          • Dr. Alexandra Downing — Hoffman Estates
          • Dr. Karen Federici — Genoa
          • Dr. Jennifer Schening — South Elgin
          • Dr. Natalie Lambajian-Drummond, MD — Yorkville
          • Dr. Elizabeth Mehta — Park Ridge
          • Dr. Kimberly Forsey — Grayslake
          • Dr. M. Oo — Bourbonnais
          • Amy Budnik FNP-BC — Lake in the Hills
          • Jaclyn Taverna NP — Yorkville
          • Dr. Kate Maxouris — Chicago
          • Dr. Robert Malloy — Grayslake
          • Dr. Amy Schroeder — Chicago
          • Dr. Utsahi Patel — Hoffman Estates
          • Dr. David Brottman — Arlington Heights
          • Dr. Kathryn Sunderbruch — Elgin

CABC 2015 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Winners

          • Mailika Shah, MD
          • Jennifer Schening, DO
          • Frances Locke-Rosenberg, CNM
          • Erica Attanasio, DO
          • Kathy Shepherd, MD, IBCLC

CABC 2015 Physician and Nurse-Practitioner Nominees

          • Brian Zator, DO
          • Mary Kay Burke, CNM
          • Paul Schattauer, MD
          • Cathy DiVincenzo, MD

CABC 2014 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Winners

          • David Brottman, MD
          • Charles Crotteau, MD
          • Richard David, MD
          • George Elvove, MD
          • Claire Rathnau-Minnella, ND, APN, CPNP, IBCLC

CABC 2014 Physician and Nurse-Practitioner Nominees

          • Debra Gulson, MD
          • Elizabeth C. Stringer, MD
          • Robert Minkus, MD
          • Lorene S. Eckberg, MD
          • Paul Schattauer, MD
          • Kori Feldman, MD
          • Luanne Lane, RN, APNP
          • Jenny Koo Hasler, MD
          • Amy Graf, CNM

CABC 2013 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Winners

          • Ewa Bilinski, MD
          • Paula Hobson, MD
          • Marjorie Michel, MD
          • Jennifer Perez, MD
          • Rebecca Unger, MD

CABC 2013 Physician and Nurse-Practitioner Nominees

          • Margart McMahon, MD
          • Amy Manion, PhD, RN, CPNP
          • Kori Feldman, MD
          • Michal Goldberg, MD
          • Elizabeth Swider, MD
          • Robert Minkus, MD
          • Richard David, MD
          • Deborah Edberg, MD
          • George Hvostik, MD
          • Marc Weiss, MD
          • Kelly Newhall, MD
          • Deborah Gulson, MD
          • Charles Crotteau, MD
          • Krystal Revai, MD
          • Hassan Alzein, MD

2012 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Winners

          • Andrew Sagan, MD
          • Ann E.B. Borders, MD, MSc, MPH
          • Rosalind Downing, MD
          • Jeffrey George, DO
          • Donald Fisher, MD

2012 Physician and Nurse-Practitioner Nominees

          • Charles Crotteau, MD
          • Kate Lynn Maxouris, MD
          • Robert Minkus, MD
          • Fred Ettner, MD
          • Kelly Newhall, MD
          • Karen Federici, MD
          • Erin Taback, MD
          • Alison Gehle, MD
          • Robin Uchitelle, MD
          • Jenny Koo Hasler, MD
          • Lorene Wu, MD
          • Lauriann Kellner, MD
          • Mark Zumhagen, MD

2010 Breastfeeding Friendly Award Winners

          • Frank Belmonte, DO
          • Karen Federici, MD
          • Robert Minkus, MD
          • Paul Shattauer, MD
          • Lise Weisberger, MD

2010 Physician and Nurse-Practitioner Nominees

        • Elizabeth Baker, MD
        • Fred Ettner, MD
        • Stephen Behnke, MD
        • Kamala Ghaey, MD
        • Charles Crotteau, MD
        • Todd Ochs, MD