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Media Monitoring Overview

Time Period: Ongoing.
For: all breastfeeding advocates (on our Media Committee or not). We need your help!

Would you like to see more breastfeeding news on television, on the radio, and in the local newspapers? The Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition is working to develop relationships with media contacts, respond to breastfeeding stories, and provide press releases on timely breastfeeding issues.

While watching TV, listening to the radio, reading Chicago area newspapers, magazines, etc. please note the name and media outlet of any reporter/writer who:
  • Reports on breastfeeding
  • Seems to have an interest in breastfeeding
  • is pregnant, breastfeeding, breastfed or whose spouse is or has.

Send this information to the Media Committee (media@chicagoareabfc.org).

Also, look for breastfeeding stories to share. You may find potential stories via the:
  • News (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines)
  • Lactnet
  • Breastfeeding conferences
  • Journal/research articles

Provide enough detail (the original source citation would help) so that the press release writers can write a press release. Please send this information to the Media Committee (media@chicagoareabfc.org).