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Brochure: Join the Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition (CABC)

You can download the new brochure so you can:

  • read it yourself,
  • email it to others, or
  • print a few to display or handout.

There are two ways to download it.

  1. Get the whole brochure. This is both sides of the brochure, good for viewing for yourself, or emailing to others.
  2. Get side 1 of the brochure. Then get side 2 of the brochure. Now you can print out a stack of "side 1's", then depending on your printer, you can reinsert (or turn over) your stack and print out "side 2" on each. Now fold and display or handout where you like.

Update: you can now join online.

For further information contact us at: contact@chicagoareabfc.org

CABC 2012BrochureWhole.pdf432.15 KB
CABC2012BrochurePage1.pdf123.41 KB
CABC2012BrochurePage2.pdf119.94 KB